Berlin speaks!

Berlin speaks is a collection of three videos based on a simple idea: take some text pieces found in Berlin’s streets and let them talk. The result is a mix as diverse as the city itself. Some parts reflect political statements, some give re-contextualize the street’s text, others are partially incoherent and almost all are just fun.

The videos portrait another aspect of Berlin’s landscape and let us take a short glimpse into the hip-hop and street art scene of the city, one of the most active in Europe. This scene, however, has been recently the object of many controversies. Terms as commercialization, gentrification and even industrialization of the street art have appeared in recent discussions. But in the most bombed city in Europe, this appropriation of the landscape should be rather celebrated, shouldn’t it?

In an article of the Smashing Magazine, the development of the street art in Berlin is summarized as follows:

After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the graffiti artists marched straight into East Germany. Mitte, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg —all of the areas that the military had occupied became a new playground for the Western artists and became a new world for the Eastern artists who joined them. Few doubted that the East Germans’ work was weightier. It wasn’t that they were better artists, but that they could express —with authority— the one concept close to the hearts of all people now living in the city: what it meant to be free.

All videos of the Berlin speaks collection have been made by Emus Primus, a berlin based Artist which had a strong fascination for street art. He realized the first video alone and the second one with the collaboration of street artist like Enorm and Kire. We hope to see more exiting videos of Emus. You can visit his homepage here.

You can find the second and third videos are in the extended view of this post.