Boris Hoppek

The fame festival started the last week in Grottaglie, Italy. The festival is a meeting of international artists which usually do really nice interventions in the urban space. Additional to the program of this year, the organizers decided to publish a video from an intervention made during the last festival. It was arranged by Boris Hoppek, a mysterious, self-made artist which describe himself in a rather subversive way. Wikipedia resumes his career as follows:

Boris Hoppek was born in the small village of Kreuztal, Germany, in 1970. […] Already at the age of eleven he got his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20, and as teenager he took up photography and videomaking. Hoppek studied to be a tracer and successfully escaped the military draft in Germany by dodging the medical examinations. After being rejected from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Hoppek instead turned to street art.

Therefore Boris Hoppek describes the street as an academy where he learned by doing. He became famous when he designed the dolls called The C’mons for an advertisement campaign for Opel. Latter he continued doing street art and some installations for the conventional exhibition rooms.

Apart from his career, the installation made for the fame festival 2011 is quite surprising and the video register is by no means boring. At the beginning the video portraits the quiet atmosphere of an Italian town. After this introduction, black balls start to pop up in in the city, announcing the invasion that follows.

You can try to find more about Boris Hoppek in his internet site.