Interactive messages and facades

During the last years, some installations that use interactive messages and facades have appeared in different cities. The concept is pretty much the same: allow the public members to express and amplify their feelings and opinions, sharing them in public with the other participants. The strategy is also very similar: collect messages from the public and project them onto a large facade with a video beam. In this way the participants should establish a public, yet temporarily dialog with their urban space, and the other participants.

Such projects claim that they engage the citizens in a public discussion, and that they empower the participation of the public in the local politics. For example Paul Notzold asserts that in his project  “text messaging becomes an open, anonymous, and uncensored dialogue; a means to engage, rather than to escape.” (( Likewise, Marcos Zotes argues that his project “is a participatory, site-specific light installation that aims at empowering local communities by providing a tool that transforms people voices into citizen proclamations the size of buildings.” ((

While the central idea of these projects is highly appealing, the social relevance of such projects can be strengthen if the participation goes beyond the augmented projection of casual text messages. Rather than organizing a temporarily event, such systems can be articulated into the local discussions as a permanent bulletin board in which every citizen can post their opinions about a specific topic. By reading and commenting the posts left in such board, the citizens can be encouraged to express their opinion regarding a given topic, rather than submitting random comments about different topics.

TXTual Healing

This project was started by Paul Notzold. It has been exhibited in a variety of european and north-america locations. More pictures and exhibition dates can be found here.


Your text here is an interactive installation conceived by Marcos Zotes. Text messages sent by the public were projected through a video-beam over the facade of an old heat production plant in Detroit. To upload the messages the team created a website that could be accessed by the members of the public with mobile internet connections. The messages were thereafter anonymously projected over the facade, enabling the participants to publish temporarily their opinions, joke, feelings and so on.


Contrary to the other two projects, the team of 2Roqs studio does not claim the participation of the public in the local politics. They rather intend to create a “cadavre exquis” with the text uploaded by the public. Gravity is being exhibited since 2009 in different european locations.