Cicloscopio, is a re-interpretation of the bicycle lantern parades. For its realization, 100 custom-designed devices should be placed in the wheels of 100 bicycles. As the wheels rotate, the devices will generate light patterns and coordinate such through a wireless network. With this device, the bicycle collective can generate a riding choreography in the city, and at the same time raise their voice in (the contested) public space.

The device designed offers a strategy of self-representation for the bicycle collective. The purpose of the project is to enable the bicycle collective to raise their voice through interventions in the public space. Therefore, the project is part of the efforts that the bicyclists undertake to claim public space for the bicycles.

Since the very apparition of the bicycle in the 19th century, the bicycle collective has struggled for the allocation of public space for the bicycles. This campaign have taken place in two different fronts. The first one is represented by the legal and political actions of the advocacy groups. To achieve their political agenda, however, the advocacy groups do not only need the approval of the local authorities but also that of the public opinion, as the lack of this last would also hinder the allocation of public space for the bicycles. Cicloscopio is a tool which renders the traditional bicycle manifestation visible to the public opinion.

Cicloscopio - Photomontage
Cicloscopio – Photomontage Mariahilferstraße

The visual concept of this project is that of a riding choreography. To achieve such choreography the participants should install a device in the wheel of their bicycles. As the wheel turns the device generate patterns and coordinate those patterns among the different bicycles through a wireless network.

Test of the device on a bicycle