For the 2018 version of the media Architecture Awards the Media Architecture Institute decided to make a complete overhaul of the submission and selection process. The previous system has been replaced with an online process that allows the participants to enter all the information of the projects as well as submit photos and videos.

The new website presents the projects as cards and it allows to filter them by category, country and year. The website is also integrated with the submission system.

The interactive installation was also integrated into the submission process. The projects are loaded automatically from the file structure generated during the submission process.

The overview was also re designed. The background uses perlin noise to animate the logo of the MAB18. Thumbnails of the projects appear in the foreground and vanish into the background. This invites visitors to navigate the projects through an ipad.

Media Architecture Biennale 2018
Media Architecture Biennale 2018
Media Architecture Biennale 2018

Produced by: Media Architecture Institute

Concept and development: Gernot Tscherteu, Lotti Tscherteu, Juan Carlos Carvajal B.