MAS15 – Media Architecture Summit

Media architecture Summit

The Media Architecture Institute, in collaboration with China’s Central Academy of Arts (中央美術學院) organized the Media Architecture Summit 2015 in Beijing, China. The Media Architecture Exhibition was presented parallel to the summit. The exhibition is a comprehensive collection of international media architectural projects as well as works from the Studio of Media Architecture in CAFA.

The MAS15 included a one-day summit and a half-day roundtable discussion. It was the first International Grand Summit in the field of Media Architecture in Mainland China. The national and international pioneers and explorers of Media Architecture met, communicated and shared the latest achievements, trends and concepts in the field.

On this basis, the Summit used the concept of “Smart Life” as the center and Media Architecture as the radius, to explore the collaborative and innovative model of art and science, and to promote the establishment of the interdisciplinary academic exchange platform and organization mechanism.

Media architecture Summit 2015 Media architecture Summit 2015 Media architecture Summit Media architecture Summit